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Sleeping in the sunshine

The Manton Bay female and her two chicks have been enjoying the sunshine today. The three of them sat quite contently dozing away for most of the morning.

It wasn’t quite such a laid back day for our Three Peaks Team who, after starting their challenge at 3pm yesterday by scaling Ben Nevis and then on to Scafell Pike bright and early this morning, made their way to Snowdon for their third and final peak. They finished all 3 mountains at about 2.30pm today, 23 hours and 36 minutes after they started. Once they have finished their talk at the Dyfi Osprey Project they will be on their way back to Rutland, with some very tierd legs!

I think you will agree with me that it has been a fantastic effort by Tim, Michelle, Paul, Gavin and Chris and a big thank you to all those of you have sponsered and supported them on their challenge. So far they have raised just over £2000 towards our education work in West Africa.

They're off and look who's back!

They’re off and look who’s back!

The latest from our Three Peaks Challenge is that the team have now started their ascent of Ben Nevis! After a morning spent visiting the Loch of the Lowes Osprey Project they set off at 3.30pm this afternoon. They are hoping they will be back down by about 8.30pm this evening and then all aboard our Tim Norton sponsered minibus and straight down to Scarfell Pike which, if all goes according to plan, they will start to climb at 3.30am tomorrow morning! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates on their progress.

This is them just as they are about to begin Ben Nevis… 3 mountains and 24 hours to go. Wish them luck!

Meanwhile, back in Rutland…

Late this afternoon the Manton Bay pair were mantling in the nest and our volunteer in the hide confirmed there was another Osprey over Manton Bay. With quite a few of the three year old birds back and with 28(10)’s arrival last week there have been more and more intrusions at the nest so we assumed it was 28(10) back again. However, there is a posibility that the intruding Osprey today could have been 24(10) the bird which has been seen down in Hampshire recently. Another volunteer in Shallow Water hide is fairly certain that they saw it’s ring number and has got a picture which will tell us more once we are able to see that. The bird hasn’t been seen in Hampshire for a few days so it a distinct possibilty. I’ll keep you posted!

Also, last night John Wright and I were out checking on one of the other nest sites and saw 00(09) which is fantastic news. She is a bird who was around a lot in Manton Bay at the beginning of the season, after a while she disappeared and arrived a day later at the Dyfi nest. She hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks since then and we were wondering where she might have got to. It’s a great sign that she has returned to Rutland, it will be interesting to see if she settles down for the summer now or whether she disappears off again!

Fish and Chicks!

Fish and Chicks!

Now three weeks old, the chicks are still growing at an amazing rate- due partly to the continuous supply of fish 5R has been bringing them. Over the last few days a lot of the fish he’s bought in have been a bit on the small side but this morning he made amends and bought in an enormous trout.
After eating a fair portion of it on the nearby perch he delivered it to the nest for the Manton Bay female and thier chicks.

The latest from the project team on their Three Talks, Three Peaks Challenge is that they are well on route to Loch of the Lowes after a successful first talk in Keswick. They will do the second talk at Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre this evening before they start their first climb up Ben Nevis at about 3pm tomorrow.

One day to go...

One day to go…

With only one day to go until the teams Three Peaks Challenge gets underway it’s been buzzing with excitment at the Lyndon Visitor Centre today.

Good Luck Tim, Michelle, Paul, Gavin and Chris!

To add to the excitement, this afternoon Martin, our centre volunteer, pointed out to some visitors that there were two Ospreys on the Goldeneye nest right opposite the centre. With that our ears pricked up and out we dashed of the office to see if we could identify them; all aware of the possibility of seeing another of the 2010 birds back in Rutland.
As we scanned the skies to pick them out amongst the trees more Ospreys came into view until we had 4 birds in the sky over Lax Hill, as well as the Manton Bay female on the nest with the chicks. We’re fairly certain that they were 5R, 28(10), 03(09) and the female that bred with AW last year.

This picture was taken this morning as 5R joined the Manton Bay nest for a family photo!

The Mountains await…

Next week myself and three other members of the team – Michelle Househam, Paul Stammers and Gavin Young are going to be swapping our binoculars for walking boots as we take on the Three Peaks Challenge – climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in just 24 hours. Project volunteer Chris Ditchburn will be driving us between mountains in a minbus kindly donated by Tim Norton Ford in Oakham. We’re doing it to raise money for our education work in West Africa. As you may know, we recently initiated a project in Gambian schools that aims to teach children there about Ospreys and other migratory birds and the need to protect them on their wintering grounds. You can read about some of our recent work here.

In time we hope to extend the project to schools in other West African countries and elsewhere on the migration flyway, but in order to do this we need to raise more money. And that’s where the Three Peaks comes in. We’d be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring us for the challenge – anything you are able to donate would be very gratefully received and will help to make a positive difference to the conservation of our migratory birds on their wintering grounds. We have invested a great deal of time and effort into restoring a population of Ospreys to southern Britain, but for conservation of migratory species to be successful international collaboration is fundamental. If children don’t grow up respecting wildlife and recognising the importance of protecting it, then how can conservation in places such as West Africa succeed?

To sponsor us, please click here.

Big thanks to all of you who have already sponsored us .

As part of the challenge, we’ll be giving FREE talks on Osprey migration and our education work in West Africa at three other Osprey Projects. It would be great to see you there:

Monday 18th June 12:30pm Lake District Osprey Project – Crosthwaite Parish Rooms, Keswick

Monday 18th June 7:30pm Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre            

Wednesday 20th June 7:00pm Dyfi Osprey Project – Tabernacle, Machynlleth

Huge thanks to Nathan Fox at the Lake District Osprey Project, Emyr Evans and Janine Pannett at the Dyfi Osprey Project and Jonathan Pinnick at Loch of the Lowes for organising the talks at the three venues.