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 Last week we were excited to discover that 6K(14) had arrived at Rutland Water! 6K hatched in 2014 and fledged from a nest on private land.  This year it appears he is raising the stakes (or sticks) and has found himself a nest! Over the past couple of days he has started to build up the nest on lagoon 4, which is situated on the Egleton side of the reserve. He has even given visitors great views as he built up his nest and enjoyed a fish on the perch.

By Lloyd Park

By Lloyd Park

6K on nest
By Lloyd Park

By Lloyd Park


This is the same nest that 51(11) and 3J(13) attempted to breed on in 2016. After laying the pair were harassed by geese and eventually the egg was destroyed, this led to the pair leaving the nest and going their separate ways. Only yesterday news broke that 3J has laid an egg in Wales with the resident male. It’s great news to hear that a Rutland bird, which has failed here is having success somewhere else.

1J (left) on the nest with his two sisters – 3J and 2J. 

As for 33 and Maya they don’t seem at all concerned about their new neighbour, hopefully 6K can establish himself on the nest, find a mate and maybe in the future successfully breed.


Out of the Mist

The past couple of days have not been enjoyable for the ospreys, the weather from the weekend seems to have swept through the week bringing the cloud down onto the reserve. 

However, despite the weather the pair in the bay have been busy incubating and making the nest ready for the new arrivals. Lets hope next weeks promise of better weather is true. 

33 and Maya have been bringing in plenty of sticks, although sometimes it looks as though Maya might be getting a little annoyed with 33’s help!  




However, 33 is still a great provider and is bring plenty of fish. This morning he bucked his trend and brought Maya breakfast instead of dinner. 




Sadly the views from the cameras have not great with the rain, lets hope it clears up soon!

Spring at Last!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for the Rutland Ospreys, the sunrise was truly spectacular and set the feeling for the rest of the day. We were treated with blue sky and warm sunshine all day, I even managed to grab 10 minuets at lunch to sit in the sun and enjoy the weather, during this time not only did I top-up on some well needed vitamin D, but I also got a great wildlife hit, with my first chiffchaff singing away and also quite a few butterflies to keep an eye on, finally it felt like spring!

In Manton Bay it was very much the same with both birds enjoying the sunshine, Maya and 33 are still sharing much of the incubation and so far we have had no sign of the 4th egg, but its still too early to call. 

33 the perfect modern gentleman has been keeping busy with the house work, he had brought in plenty of sticks, although he did require a little help from Maya after throwing some dried mud on himself. 

Later in the day 33 went fishing, he flew off over the water and returned only a little while later with a fish. After he enjoyed the head by himself on the perch he did a quick swap with Maya, allowing her to enjoy the fish and of course doing his favorite activity, incubating.  

Today the weather has been cloudy with only a hint of the sunshine we enjoyed yesterday, lets hope the summer is filled with more days like yesterday, especially if we do get another egg in the nest tonight! 

3 eggs in Manton Bay

Information Officer Paul Stammers arrived at the centre this morning to a phone call from volunteers Tom and Ann, down in Waderscrape hide, letting him know there was a third egg! Very exciting news to start the day with.

Looking back over last nights footage, we saw that at around half past midnight Maya stood up from the nest revealing 2 eggs. 33 soon landed next to her, most likely hoping to take over incubation duties, but Maya quickly settled back down on the eggs.

33 stayed on the nest with Maya for quite some time.

33 – waiting to incubate?

At 1.44am, 33 finally took off – having been with Maya on the nest for over an hour. Two minutes later, Maya rose again, and below her were 3 eggs!

First glimpse at 1.46am

33 did get his chance at incubating later in the morning though – here he is at 5.05am.

33 with 3 eggs

We are very pleased to have 3 eggs in Manton Bay. It will be interesting to see if we get a fourth again, like last season – keep your eyes on the nest over the next few days!


Manton Bay 

With two eggs now in the nest, its starting to feel like spring, even if the weather isn’t reflecting that! Even with the grey and rainy weather we have had plenty of visitors to keep us busy and the ospreys have been very entertaining. 

Maya laid the second egg early yesterday morning, by daybreak she looked absolutely soaked as the rain had been pouring down all night. Lets hope the weather improves before we get any more eggs. 


Yesterday we had not two but three ospreys in Manton Bay. We had been watching the webcam from the centre when suddenly the phone rang, it was the volunteers from the hide. 33 had just returned with a nice fresh fish caught for Maya, who had been taking her shift incubating, when all of a sudden another osprey had dived in trying to get her talons on the fish! 

We quickly went over the camera footage to find that it was in fact 5N, she is a Rutland bred bird who actually founded Manton Bay with 08(97). However, in 2009 the pair failed to breed and eventually move to another nest site. Its good to see that she is still in the area, however it would be nice if she kept to her own nest and mate!



 Apart from the intrusion the bay has been calm, 33 has been very insistent on helping Maya incubate, sometimes to the point that I’m sure Maya is getting a little annoyed. Lets hope he’s helping her save her energy so she can lay another egg in the next few days.