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Ospreys in the mist

Today started off rather foggy! You can see from this image on the wide angle camera that the visibility was not very good first thing this morning. You can barely see Maya on the nest in this photo!


Happily, by lunchtime the fog had mostly cleared and the sun had come out! Here is 33 sitting sunning himself.

Nice day

The pair have been busy building their nest once again, as they will continue to do throughout the season. The main thing they need to ensure at the moment is that the centre of the nest is safe for the eggs to be laid, so both ospreys have been scraping out the centre to create a neat egg cup. Yesterday the main material of choice was hay. Today, 33 delivered several small sticks and a lump of turf! 33 seemed content with his placement of the turf, but later on Maya decided to move it to a different location.

33 with tiny stick

33 with a tiny stick


In addition to the turf and small sticks, 33 also brought in a larger stick, and deposited it right on top of Maya! 33 appeared to get his foot stuck in it too, but eventually both birds disentangled themselves from it.

There was a bit of excitement at about 14:10 when an intruder came by! Maya and 33 immediately came to the nest and mantled to protect what’s theirs. 33 was very upset and got down really low in the nest. The intruder didn’t come close enough for an ID, and eventually left the bay, leaving the resident pair in peace.

Here are a couple of nice action shots of 33 and Maya flying in to and from the nest today!

33 taking off 33 flies off

Maya flying in

33 caught a huge trout just before 5pm, and spent some time eating the head before bringing it to Maya on the nest at 17:25.

Here comes 33




Trente en France

30(05) is making slow progress through France! The last data update on Sunday showed that she had spent some time relaxing at a French chateau, and was taking it easy after battling through some bad weather. We have discovered that the chateau she stopped at was Le Chateau de la Roche Courbon, built in the 17th century and restored, it has beautiful gardens and an ornamental lake and is now open to the public all year round. A perfect place for 30 to stop and rest on her journey!


She roosted four miles from this chateau on the evening of 25th, and the following day travelled north a further 84 miles. We have only received data up until the evening of 26th March, and from that location 30 has another 189 miles to go to reach the north coast of France.

Roost 26th March

Far to go

30(05) is making slower progress on this year’s migration. This time last year, she had already been in Rutland for two days! She might be back in a day or two – we should receive new data again soon, and we will keep you informed of 30’s progress as she nears home. Don’t forget you can follow her on our interactive map by clicking here.




Hay there partner

Life in Manton Bay has been idyllic for our osprey pair since their return last Wednesday. They have been busy every day adding bits and pieces to their nest, both birds have been scraping and they have been raiding the hay feeder in the nearby field for lovely soft nest lining!

33 with hay

33 went on several fishing forays today before he was successful. Thanks to a call from our volunteers in Waderscrape hide, we were looking out of the window at the right time to see 33 swoop down towards the water in front of the Lyndon Centre. He appeared to have caught hold of something, as he remained in the water for well over a minute, flapping his wings and trying to rise. However, when he eventually lifted from the water he had nothing in his talons, therefore he must have caught hold of a fish that was too big, and had to give up and let it go.

Later, he managed to grab himself a large trout which he brought to Maya after eating his share.

33 with fish

On Friday afternoon the wind was quite strong and made fishing for 33 rather difficult, as the reservoir was whipped into waves. He attempted to fish several times in the reservoir before giving up and going to Horn Mill Trout Farm! Geoff Harries was there to capture the following shots of him.

Osprey 33 in action 2 Osprey 33Close up osprey 33

The pair have been mating several times each day, which will ensure that the forthcoming eggs Maya produces will be fertile.

Often 33’s mating attempts are successful, as the one above, but occasionally he seems to forget what to do, and just ends up sitting on Maya’s back!

There is plenty of time for Maya to produce eggs, the pair have only been back for five days. Last season the first egg was laid nine days after 33 joined Maya in Manton Bay, so this year we could see an egg before April! Generally, it takes around two weeks for ospreys to lay after being reunited with their partner. Therefore we should certainly see the first egg laid sometime in the first week of April!



WOW! It’s World Osprey Week

As many know, it has been a really exciting week, with the first of the Rutland Ospreys returning to the Lyndon Nature Reserve on Wednesday.

World Osprey Week (WOW) celebrates the return of the ospreys and on Saturday morning eighteen children from seven local primary and secondary schools took part in our first schools event of the 2017season.  Held at the Volunteer Training Centre, it was organised by the project Education Team of Ken Davies, Jackie Murray and Pete Murray. The  pupils who took part are all “Osprey Ambassadors” and as well as an interest in ospreys, they help the Education Team  to keep their school up to date with the latest news of the Rutland Water ospreys.

The children all received their official Osprey Ambassador badge, an information pack and their membership card for the monthly Ambassadors Osprey Club held at the Lyndon Nature Reserve.

Osprey Ambassadors with their osprey badges

Osprey Ambassadors with their osprey badges

Osprey ambassadors

Osprey ambassadors

Each school was given a memory stick containing a short presentation including the latest osprey news for them to pass on to the pupils and staff in their own schools.

After a drinks break and some delicious home-made cakes made by Liz Elsden, the group spent an hour birdwatching on Lagoon 4 , and of course keeping a careful look-out for any passing ospreys!

Could that be an osprey?

Could that be an osprey?

Bird Watching at the VTC

Bird Watching at the VTC

Bird watching at the VTC

Bird watching at the VTC

Thanks to Liz, Libby and to all schools who took part and to the parents and school staff who accompanied children from the local schools…

  • Edith Weston Primary School
  • Leighfield Primary School
  • Brooke Priory School
  • Catmose College
  • Oakham C.E Primary School
  • English Martyrs Primary School
  • Casterton Primary School


Calling all Schools

Please take a look at the following sections on the Rutland Osprey website as we have posted a lot of new information for schools. Click on the drop down menus in these sections…


World Osprey Week

Get your school involved in WOW in the coming week and follow the migration of the Ospreys!

Free educational resources, including lesson plans & schemes of work, worksheets with teacher’s notes, games and fun activities for primary and secondary schools – just register your school at http://www.ospreys.org.uk/world-osprey-week



Information about Osprey Ambassadors, school visits by the Education team, school visits to Lyndon to see the ospreys, this years ”Ospreys and us” 2017 movie competition for children and more at http://www.ospreys.org.uk/school-visits/


Words and photos by Pete Murray, thanks Pete!


Mum’s the word

Calling all adventurous children! (And adults!)

To celebrate mothers’ day, we have an exciting new discovery trail in place at the Lyndon Reserve on the weekend of 25th/26th March, designed specifically with wildlife mums in mind! You will be provided with seven photographs of wildlife mums, and you need to find the photographs of their babies that are hidden somewhere on the nature reserve!

The trail costs £1 to do, and if you manage to find all the pictures you get to make your very own special badge, keyring or medal with our badge making machine! A perfect gift for mum!

Mothers' day trail

Mothers’ day trail


In osprey news, the pair in Manton Bay have been settling in again on their nest. There has been a lot of mating attempts happening, some of which haven’t quite been successful, some sticks and several bits of softer nest material. Here are some clips of the pair building their nest.

33 with clump Clump photo Maya clump

A fish was delivered at roughly half past six this morning, here it is coming in! 33 has now taken on the role of provider, and Maya immediately leaned in and grabbed the fish from him. He had clearly already eaten a good portion of it, and Maya flew off to eat the rest on the perch.


As it’s Red Nose Day, here is volunteer Ed osprey sporting his red nose!