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“Osprey Ambassadors”: A New Schools Education Initiative

I would like to introduce to you a new scheme we are trialling for local Primary and Secondary schools, commencing in the autumn term 2015.


What is an Osprey Ambassador?

We are inviting you to appoint or elect ‘Osprey Ambassadors’ from the student body in your school, who will be the Osprey Project’s representatives within the school, and will keep everyone informed and updated via regular assembly or classroom slots.

Once chosen, these students (probably two or three in number at each school) will be trained by members of our Education Team, and given resources which will enable them to perform their role effectively. We will obviously work closely with members of the school staff to ensure that the ambassadors feel secure and confident with the materials provided. Via their teacher, we will communicate regularly with the students and suggest activities they might undertake during the school day or at after-school clubs.


Who can become an Osprey Ambassador?

We envisage ‘ambassadors’ will be from Years 5 or 6 in the case of Primary Schools, and Years 7, 8 or 9 in the case of Secondary Schools, and tenure of office would be initially for one year. Exceptions can of course be made if a student from another year group shows interest, or is already involved with Rutland Water in another capacity (e.g. a Nature Detective, Nature Watch, or Wildskills group). Once selected, the chosen students and their teacher(s) will be offered training sessions, held at the school, at which members of the Education Team will give basic instruction in Osprey biology, distribution, history etc., and establish methods of communication for the year. These will obviously vary from school to school, and can be tailored to suit your needs and wishes.


Role of an Osprey Ambassador

‘Osprey Ambassadors’ are issued with special badges and information books, and act as hosts and hostesses when members of the Osprey Project Education Team visit the school for a presentation or for any other school osprey event.
Similarly, if the school visits the Lyndon Nature Reserve during the Summer Term, we would expect the ambassadors to assist with the planning and running of the visit. At the end of their period of office, ambassadors will assist in the training of their successors.
Ambassadors pass on the latest news to their school. We provide newsletters, presentations and other information to help them with this important job. Ambassadors can attend Ambassadors Osprey Club, held from April to September, at the Lyndon Reserve.


Are you interested?

Schools will have their own ideas on the running of this scheme, and we are anxious to hear them. As a first step, could you please let us know your initial reaction via a quick e-mail or ‘phone call to me? We really do wish to extend our growing links with as many schools as possible, and feel this is an ideal opportunity for students to take an exciting step towards a closer involvement with these magnificent birds in our locality. I should add finally that there are no charges to the school.

If you would like a team member to come to your school to explain the scheme in more detail to staff and students, please let us know. I hope to hear from you soon.




Ambassadors “Osprey Club”

It is open to all school Osprey Ambassadors, accompanied by a supervising adult (This can be a parent, teacher or relative).


Dates for 2018          

Sunday 1st  April     

Sunday 6th   May

Sunday 3rd June    

Sunday 1st July

Sunday 5th August                                       

Sunday 2nd September


On each of the above dates Ken, Jackie & Pete will be in Wader Scrape Hide on the Lyndon Reserve between 2 and 4pm.


What happens at “Osprey Club”?

Ambassadors are invited to come and watch the Ospreys with us and get up to date with what has been happening with the Rutland Ospreys.

We will have the special ‘child friendly’ binoculars and high quality telescopes for them to use. We will also have the latest news prepared as a PowerPoint presentation which can be loaded onto the Ambassadors’ memory sticks ready for them to take back to their school.

Details for Parents and teachers

  1. Getting to Lyndon Reserve. The Lyndon Reserve is between Manton and Edith Weston on the south shore of Rutland Water. For more information and directions click here. Post Code LE15 8RN.
  1. Entry to the reserve; The Ambassador and one adult will be admitted free on production of the Osprey Club membership card.
  2. Wader Scrape hide is 15 mins walk from the Visitor Centre along the track. There is no shelter until you get to the hide, and the only toilet facilities are located in the Lyndon Visitor Centre.
  3. What should Ambassadors bring with them? The Ambassadors should bring their Osprey memory stick with them, and a notebook and pencil. Appropriate clothing and suitable footwear should be worn.
  4. Arrival and departure times are totally flexible. Ambassadors can visit any time between 2 and 4pm. “Osprey Club” will finish at 4pm. Ambassadors and a parent/guardian may arrive before or stay after this time, as they wish.

Have you chosen your Osprey Ambassadors?

Each School can have two or three Osprey Ambassadors! The Ambassadors pass on the latest information about the Rutland Ospreys to your school. Let us know their names and your school details so we can send them regular news updates via your school office.

We hope to see you at Lyndon soon!

Jackie, Pete and Ken, Osprey Education Officers, Rutland Osprey Project.




Ken Davies,

Education Officer, Rutland Osprey Project


Tel : 01733 243095

E-mail : ken@rutlandwater.org.uk




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  1. CasStait

    What a great idea.

    I’m a volunteer at Lowes and I wish you every success … I’d love to see it spread to ALL schools. 🙂

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