Welcome to the show

We’re open! Today, the Lyndon Visitor Centre has opened its doors to the public for the first time since September 2014. A good number of visitors have poured through them to celebrate the beginning of a new season, and perhaps get a glimpse of an Osprey…

The place looks great, if I do say so myself. The Centre is clean, tidy, painted and gleaming, the shop is full to the brim with incredible things to buy, and the new hide is all set up with its comfy new seats and informative interpretation boards. We’re all ready for the new season, we just need some Ospreys!

Our visitors today were hopeful but realistic about the chances of seeing an Osprey, and there have been no sightings today. It is still early though, the earliest we have ever had one back was on 16th March. Last year we were very fortunate that the Manton Bay female, Maya, turned up on her nest the day we opened (17th March)!

When will she arrive this year? We are all very excited and expectant for the arrival of the first Osprey! Don’t forget to enter our competition and have a guess at when the first Osprey will return to Manton Bay.

The Lyndon Centre will now be open 9am – 5pm every day until September. We hope to see you soon!

Here are some photos by Paul Stammers of the Centre and new hide:

Fully stocked shop

Fully stocked shop

Camera 1 - zoom camera with night vision

Camera 1 – zoom camera with night vision

Camera 2 - nice panoramic of the resrvoir

Camera 2 – nice panoramic of the resrvoir

Camera 3 - shoreline camera

Camera 3 – shoreline camera on the T-perch

The interpretation in Waderscrape hide

The interpretation in Waderscrape hide

New luxury benches

New luxury benches

View from the windows

View from the windows


5 responses to “Welcome to the show”

  1. Celia Martin

    We shall be visiting VERY soon as we do each year. Hopefully the osprey will be successful thus year and raise a good brood.

  2. john Lindsell

    Looks wonderful. Any water voles being spotted yet from the hide. Want to see them as well as the ospreys.

  3. Roodle


    Does anyone know if any of the British ospreys have started their journey back yet? Im including the Scottish and Welsh birds, not just the Rutland ones, but I cannot find any up to date information from either tagging transmitters or sightings of ringed ospreys.