00(09) Up to no good…again!

The Manton Bay female hasn’t had a great day today. As if the weather wasn’t enough to contend with, 00 has been making a nuisance of herself in the bay again. And with 5R preoccupied in chasing off the intruder he hasn’t bought her back any fish either.

Judging by the females reaction from the nest and confirmed by our volunteers in Waderscrape hide, 00 has been making her presence known for most of the afternoon.

We caught on video this moment where the intruding female landed on the nest. Careful not to leave the nest and her eggs exposed to the elements the unringed Scottish bird sat tight and eventually 00 left her in peace.

Fingers crossed the weather clears a bit for tomorrow so they can get a good meal in and dry off before Sunday’s deluge!