03 has a Highland Fling

Each spring numerous Ospreys pass through Rutland en route further north. Whilst males usually power through without stopping, some females linger for a day or two, knowing that if they stop-off with an unpaired male Osprey, they’ll get a free meal or two. That’s exactly what happened at Site B this week. An unringed female spent Wednesday afternoon and evening with 03 and, ever the deligent male Osprey, he presented her with a fish almost staright away. Her reponse was to fly off and eat it elsewhere. There’s gratitude for you. Next morning she headed off north, and we’ve not seen her since. She had got exactly what she wanted!

Once the female had gone, 03 resumed normal service; chasing off the local Buzzards as he waits for his mate to return.

03 at Site B

03 in flight