03 is back again

It is a beautiful spring day in Rutland today – the first Sand Martins are zipping back and forth over the reservoir, Chiffchaffs are in full voice and now we have an Osprey!

At lunchtime today John Wright checked the Site B nest and was thrilled to see 03(97) sitting on a favourite perch nearby. He probably arrived between 10:30am and midday for what will be his fourteenth summer at the nest (situated on private land near Rutland Water). 03 was the first Osprey to breed in Rutland in 2001 and since then he has raised 30 chicks with three different females. Let’s hope he adds to that tally this year!

03’s a day earlier than last year, when he arrived to Arctic-like conditions. As he rests close to the nest this afternoon, it is a relief that things are decidedly more spring-like than they were 12 months ago.

We’ll have more on 03’s return, including some photos from John, tomorrow, but for now it is just great to report that the 2014 Rutland Osprey season is officially underway!

03 is the first Osprey back in Rutland this spring

03 is the first Osprey back in Rutland this spring

11 responses to “03 is back again”

  1. Shirley A. Davies

    Fantastic news that he’s made another safe return. Hope the others aren’t too far behind.

  2. Eugenio

    I’m very very happy and excited for the return of the first osprey of Rutland! May God protect all ospreys during the long return to home !!!
    welcome to home big hero!
    Fingers crossed here from Rome!

  3. Rebecca Denny

    This news has made my day. What a great bird he is. Very pleased for all at Rutland that he has returned safely. Fingers crossed for many more in the next few days and weeks.

  4. Andy locke

    Welcome home 03

  5. Karen Elizabeth

    Fantastic news. So excited. Yippee!

  6. Susan McVey

    Fantastic news, and congratulations to all at Rutland for the very safe return of 03. XX

  7. Sue Adsett

    Brilliant! Very exciting news! x

  8. Nigel Spencer

    Hi Nigel AKA @Staplefordtrain on Twitter. I was the one that tweeted the Nature reserve about 11-30 this morning when I watched it while walking the dog along the bridleway from Brooke to Gunthorpe just on the East edge of Brooke village flying around the fields North of river Gwash valley there, in fact it buzzed me and was making the distinct call that only Ospreys make which attracted my attention to start with. It then drifted off towards the East heading to Manton bay. Amazingly a bit later around 12:30, it again buzzed me on the footpath from Eggleton church to the Uppingham road bypass, and I manage to get a short film of it on the Iphone now on youtube as it headed off behind the church to the reserve. I dont think they believed me on the first tweet but I have seen enough of them around here over the years!! Thrilled to have been the first to see it in Rutland this year

  9. Gayle Maxwell Whalley

    Overwhelmed with emotion – couldn’t be happier for all the Rutland team and Osprey addicts that he is back safely – here’s to the official start of the 2014 Osprey season – thankyou 03(97).

  10. Dolly Cox

    Delighted to hear Mr Rutland 03 97 is back – to kick off the start of another Rutland Season. I look forward to more of John’s and your other volunteers’ diaries.

    And to following WOW week, and 30 05’s progress!

  11. Xarles Cepeda

    Great new, a veteran osprey come back to the place where you´ll care so good. They know well where are loved and respeted.

    Best wishes from the basque country