03 is back too!

Just when we thought today couldn’t get any better, 03(97) has arrived back at Site B. Taking into account the leap year, he has returned on exactly the same day as last year. Not bad going when you consider that he has probably just flown 3000 miles from West Africa. He dropped onto the nest at around 3pm having completed his fourteenth spring migration.

Having raised 24 chicks at Site B since he first bred there in 2001, 03 is fast-becoming one of the most prolific breeding Ospreys anywhere in the UK. He is certainly the cornestone of the Rutland population: four of his offspring have returned to breed in Rutland and 03(08), or Nora as she is now known, raised three chicks at Cors Dyfi in Wales last year. Let’s hope, at the very least, he can make it to 25 chicks this year. We’ll be reporting regularly from Site B throughout the season.