03(97) at home

Here is another treat for you all! Something that we have not had before – a video of 03(97) at his nest site! The video shows 03(97) yesterday – his first day back at his nest – getting it ready for the season and awaiting the return of his mate. Many thanks to John Wright for the filming and to Tim Mackrill for the editing. Enjoy!

9 responses to “03(97) at home”

  1. Suzie


    Thanks so much xx

  2. Debbie cook

    beautiful sight, all those thousands of mile flown and the very next day hes preparing for the season , wonderful

  3. Mike Grundy

    Brilliant news ! The old trouper is back !

  4. Tracy Shaw

    Getting ready for the misses 🙂 What a handsome fella you are Mr Rutland 03 (97). Would just like to say to the Rutland Staff and Volunteers, that you do an incredible amazin job and thank you for all the updates. You are all absolutely amazing 🙂

  5. Teresa Chadwick

    Amazing to be able to see the birds in action, thank you for sharing this lovely footage with us:)xx

  6. D Armstrong

    He’s searching the sky for the “missus”

  7. Mike

    Great to see him back again, will you be starting up the webcam soon ?


    1. Tim

      Hi Mike, the webcam is live now http://www.ospreys.org.uk/webcam

  8. Mary GK

    Fantastic to see this footage of Mr. Rutland. Thank you very much for sharing it with everyone.