03’s big 3-0

He’s done it! Over the years 03(97) has proved himself to be the most valuable Osprey in the Rutland colony. Twelve years ago he was the first translocated Osprey to raise young and he’s still going strong today. In fact he is now the only translocated Osprey still breeding in Rutland. Prior to this year 03 had raised a total of 27 chicks at the Site B nest, and we now know that he has reached the magic 30. This year’s chicks are now large enough to see over the edge of the nest and yesterday afternoon John photographed 03’s mate feeding three youngsters for the first time. Fantastic!

The Site B female feeding 3 chicks

4 responses to “03’s big 3-0”

  1. Linda Jones

    That’s terrific news. 03 is such s star!

  2. Cath Harris

    Well done to the clever boy.

  3. Sally Bell

    Congratulations to all but especially 03

  4. Lynda Berry

    God bless him, we keep on saying it, but HE IS a star, (03 not John). Whoops, hope I don’t run into him. Can’t wait to get there on Monday.