056 much better!

Cross-referencing our volunteers in the hide and tracking the footage from the webcams, we have even more positive news about 056’s state of wellbeing! He returned to the nest this afternoon and actually took a fish off his sister 054! He then proceeded to give us a nice view of his now much whiter chest and throat, which shows no further signs of damage. He ate on the nest and flew off happily with the fish, presumable to the poplars to eat the rest of his stolen dinner!

3 responses to “056 much better!”

  1. Sally Bell

    That is wonderful news. Thanks for the update.

  2. Lynda

    Thank you for the update Marie, so pleased and relieved to hear the positive news that 56 is doing well. Having followed them all this time it’s so great to see all of them fledge and become beautiful birds.
    Do you have any photos of them for sale? I would love to have a good one of them – I’ve managed to take some on my iPad but they are a bit blurred.

    Thank you again for this fantastic resource and blogs, I shall miss catching up with them when they leave.

  3. Jenny Still

    Such good news to see 056 doing better. Phew!