056 on the mend

A little bit more positive news today after the slightly dramatic injury 056 looked to have sustained yesterday. He was observed feeding on a fish for well over an hour earlier and seems to be flying well too.

He also looks like he’s getting the urge to maintain the nest, and was observed to be moving sticks around the nest too. We would be more concerned if he was away for long periods of time, or looking tired and showing no interest in food. For the time being we hope the injury has gone past the worst and he is now recovering.

5 responses to “056 on the mend”

  1. Lin

    Thank you Marie !!

  2. Julie Childs

    Thanks Marie.
    That’s a relief….. Been a bit concerned about that young man!

  3. Terry

    Great news keeping everything crossed for them all thanks Marie for the update

  4. Julie Nicholls

    What a relief, thank you for keeping us well updated.

  5. SjeilaFE

    Always worrying when you see blood and can’t check it out hands-on. He seems to be responding are you would expect. Fingers crossed for further progress.