057 fledges… that’s a leap of faith!

Early this morning, at approximately 07.40AM, 057, our last robust female chick on the Manton Bay nest, made her first tentative flight! Albeit to the camera perch and not much further for a while.. until about 10am when she made it to the T perch, a little further away. Reports from our keen eyed volunteer down in the hide: the rest of the offpsring are in the poplar trees just behind the nest, and have been flying well, sometimes back to the nest for a rest. All six birds have been seen in the area this morning.

Sadly we don’t have footage of 057’s fledging but what a momentous occasion for us here at Osprey HQ! After a nail-biting few months, where the fate of the fourth chick was so uncertain, we’re delighted she’s grown in to such a strong bird, and with the last bit of hesitation gone, she’s joined her siblings in the journey to becoming an independent fledgling!

Keep an eye on our social media feeds for more updates on the fledglings as they learn to fly and hone their skills!

4 responses to “057 fledges… that’s a leap of faith!”

  1. Lin

    Such wonderful news thank you Marie xx
    All four (woohoo!)
    Just wondering as i watch the ‘nest’ now at 8.12pm – where’are mum & dad & how long wlll they stay to look over their chicks please? And, (such testing questions sorry) when will they be off on their travels?

  2. Lin

    Ab Fab reporting, as usual, by you Marie early this morning and so lucky to have captured the 4th chick’s fledging!
    It is now approx 2.20am and Maya Mum is keeping this fourth chick company on the nest – how wonderful is that!
    So looking forward to the morrow – but am i really? Can not bear the thought of an empty nest ’til the next expected thrilling season. Aaah….
    Good flights/good dreams to you all

  3. Robert Dunkley

    Great to see her finally fledge after all of her trials and tribulations….a great testimony to the parental skills and diligence of 33 and Maya. What a sad thought though to think that maybe only one of them will survive to sexual maturity….albeit one is far better than none.