06 visits Manton Bay

This morning 06(09) visited Manton Bay. Project volunteer John Foster was on duty in the hide – here’s his account and photo of the intrusion.

“At Waderscrape this morning, 5R was having a real struggle to catch anything decent and was absent for much of the time. During one of these absences a commotion was caused by what was clearly some sort of intruder. Two of the chicks were prone in the nest, apparently cowering, and the female and other chick were suddenly nowhere to be seen.

The culprit soon appeared and aggressively circled the nest area. It was joined in flight by the female and one chick. The intruder then landed in front of me on the dead tree. I was delighted to be able to read the ring as blue 06 and take this photo.

 I reported the incident by radio and the bird was identified as a Rutland male born at Site O in 2009. This was the first time he had been seen for several weeks.

 O6 returned briefly once more again circling the nest and scaring the chicks. He departed this time of his own accord.”

06 perched on the dead tree at Waderscrape hide


One response to “06 visits Manton Bay”

  1. Nan Kirk

    So good to see all these youngsters arriving back safely. Although there are no guarantees, the fact that they have survived their first migration and return journey, makes me very hopeful for future years of successful breeding, whether at Rutland Water or elsewhere.