09 and AW settled at their winter homes

09’s latest data is in and it shows that, as we suspected, he has settled on the Senegal coast south of St Louis. So despite the fact that his territory in Rutland is just a few kilometres from AW’s, they are wintering 600km apart! Both birds have been making one or two short flights out to sea to fish each day before returning to their favourite perches just inland. Their routine is unlikely to change for the rest of the winter!

09 and AW's wintering sites in West Africa

I’ll provide a more comprehensive update of both birds’ recent movements next week, but in the meantime I’m off to run the Berlin marathon in order to raise money for our Gambia wildlife education project. Huge thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far – through your generosity I’ve raised almost £3000. If you haven’t donated yet and would like to contribute to what we at Rutland Water feel is a very worthwhile cause, please check out my online fundarising page.