09 and AW settled in their winter routine

09 and AW may be wintering 600km apart – on the coastlines of northern Senegal and Guinea respectively – but their daily routines are very similar. The satellite data suggests that both birds are fishing in the sea twice a day; usually mid-morning and then again in the early evening. Of the two, AW generally heads further out to sea -sometimes more than three miles – whereas 09 hasn’t ventured more then a mile from the coast.  Having watched Ospreys fishing in West Africa last winter, I imagine that it takes the birds very little time to catch their meal; probably just a matter of minutes. The remainder of their day is spent on their favourite perches. In AW’s case this is in mangroves 500m from the sea whilst 09 is usually perched among scattered trees just a couple of hundred metres from the breaking waves. All in all, being an adult Osprey at your established wintering site is a very easy life!

09's movements during the past ten days


AW's movements over the last ten days

If our experiences in West Africa are anything to go by, then the only other time that the birds will leave their perches, is to chase off other Ospreys. They will probably be fairly tolerant of the neighbouring adults birds – who they will recognise from previous winters – but less welcoming to newly arrived juveniles. We watched adults chasing juveniles numerous times last winter and this is one of the reasons that young birds wander about so much during their first winter in Africa. Here’s a video diary that we recorded in Gambia last winter. I suspect that the habitat at the winter homes of our two birds is very similar to that of Gunjur.

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  1. SheilaFE

    Brilliant update, and great to know that 09 and AW have reached their wintering ground. Who wouldn’t choose to migrate to such a beautiful place!