09 crosses the Channel…in thick fog

09 was still at his roost in the wood near Ashford at 7am, but two hours later he had flown 22km to Dungeness where he was perched on the ground. Thick fog had enveloped the coast but this didn’t stop 09 heading out to sea. At 11am he was 54km SE flying very low above the sea- presumably to avoid the fog. He eventually made landfall at at around 12:30pm having flown 100km across the Channel. It is really interesting to compare 09’s flight to France, with that of AW (see map below). Both birds headed out to sea from Dungeness, but 09 made a longer flight to the south (yellow line) – perhaps because the fog made navigating difficult?

AW and 09's flight

Having reached France 09 continued south and it will be great to see how far he flew on Saturday when the data comes in.