Two good days through Spain

On Tuesday evening (6th September) 09 caught a fish in a small lake close to the village of Astaffort is south west France. He then settled to roost in a wood a mile to the south after a day’s flight of 230km.  

09 eating a fish beside the lake in SW France, 6th September


On Wednesday morning he set off before 8am and by midday he had flown 75km south towards the Pyrenees. At this point he would have been able to see the mountains on the horizon and he made a distinct shift further south-west, perhaps to avoid the highest peaks. Nonetheless his route through the mountains still took him past speactacular peaks rising to more than 2000m. He maintained a speed of around 35kph through the Pyrenees and was well clear of the mountains by 6pm when he was flying south west through northern Spain at 42kph.

09's flight through the Pyrenees


Conditions were obviously very good for migration because he covered another 150km after 6pm, before eventually settling to roost close to Laguna de Zaida in central Spain, 180 km north-east of Madrid. He had covered a toal of 403km; easily his best day’s migration of his journey south so far.

Next morning 09 left his roost site after 8am and two hours later he was 35km further on, flying south-west at 23kph at an altitude of 2500 feet. Once again conditions were obviously excellent for migration because at midday he was flying south west at 73kph – the fastest speed we have recorded for him so far.

09 continued on his south-westerly course for the rest of the day before eventually settling to roost on a wooded hillside over-looking Pantano de Guadalen, a large reservoir in the north-east of Andalucia. He had had another good day’s migration, covering 358km.

09's roost, 8th September

09's flight through Spain, 6-8th September