09 is getting ready to cross the Channel!

We have been waiting all day for 09’s latest batch of data and wondering which side of the channel he would be on. Yesterday afternoon he had reached Brittany and was within flying distance of the French north coast but it seems that he is still taking it slow and steady. After covering another 50 miles he decided to stop for the evening, on the border between Brittany and Lower Normandy. At 1 pm this afternoon he was still in France but only 16 miles away from the coast after making many stops along the way. The crossing at this point is 90 miles wide so the big question is whether he will make it this evening or rest and wait until the morning. Hopefully when the next batch of data comes in he will be back in Blighty! Keep an eye on the website for a full report and Google Earth update tomorrow.

09's roost site on March 26th