09 is making good progress through Spain

In the 48 hours since his last position at 7pm on Thursday, 09(98) has flown another incredible 340 miles! We’re still waiting for some of the data to come through but we know that at 7pm last night he had reached the Sierra Morena Mountains in Southern Spain and was only 160 miles from the Strait of Gibraltar. A full update will follow as soon as the next batch of data comes through but it’s exciting to think that if 09 continued at yesterday’s pace, he could have reached Morocco this evening!

09’s latest position 8th September

One response to “09 is making good progress through Spain”

  1. Jane Williams

    A big thank you to you guys for all of your wonderful reporting on the Osprey families. I have been avidly watching the Manton Bay family everyday (several times a day)throughout the summer. I like yourselves have missed my daily fix and sadly I have still been visiting the web-cam and had to laugh today as there was a big fat seagull standing in the nest. I wonder where missie 09 is on her migration? I so loved your description Tim of her departure. I shall continue to follow events and look forward to March when they return. Thank goodness that in this day and age we can turn to the natural rhythms of life and nature to keep things real.
    I hope to do some volunteering next year. All the best guys and safe passage to the Ospreys until they soar over Rutland Water in the Spring Jane