09 is nearly in Spain!

After spending an evening close to the Barrage Al Massira reservoir, 09 continued on his way shortly before 6am yesterday morning. Now that he is following his Autumn migration route, he seems to be back on track as he stuck to a north-easterly heading and maintained a leisurely average speed of 23 mph.

09's route towards Southern Spain

After 13 hours hours of flying 09 had covered 150 miles and by 7pm he had found another roosting site close to a large lake just east of El Kansera in Northern Morocco.

09's roost site near El Kansera

At 5am this morning, 09 was only 120 miles from the Strait of Gibralter. As he travelled 150 miles yesterday it it is very exciting to think that he could reach Southern Spain this very evening! After flying a total distance of 1625 miles over the past nine days, he has now reached the halfway point of his epic journey. It won’t be long now!