09 is off!

It’s been a couple of days since 09 was last seen in Rutland so when the first batch of satellite data came through we expected him to be on his way to his wintering site in Senegal. After eagerly checking the data all day when it finally came through I nearly fell off my chair! 09 certainly is well on his way…

09 is on his way to Spain

Some of the data is yet to come through so the first location we have for 09 after leaving Rutland is in Northern France. Between 5pm on Tuesday and the same time yesterday he had flown 250 miles and was nine miles south of Bayeux. At just over 2000 feet he was flying south-west at a speed of 43 mph and he was showing no signs of stopping. By 7pm 09 was in Brittany, just 20 miles away from Renne, and he maintained his speed and altitude as he continued south. He decided to roost next to a river near La Gommerais, a small village 10 miles south-west of Châteaubriant.

At 11am this morning 09 had passed Nantes at an altitude of just over 500 feet and he was travelling at a leisurely 31 mph. By 1pm he had reached the west coast of France and had flown over Saint-Jean-de-Monts, a town renowned for it’s sandy beaches.


I’m sure 09 was tempted to stop but he decided to continue south and by 3pm this afternoon he was out in the middle of the Bay of Biscay, just 100 miles north of Spain.

It will be a few days before we can find out more about 09’s progress but hopefully we’ll soon get the full batch of data so we can see how he made his way through England and across the Channel. Our Google Earth page will also be updated shortly. In the meantime at least we know that he is safely on his way.