09 is off!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in Rutland – the perfect day to start your migration. And that’s exactly what 09 did!

John photographed 09 close to the reservoir at 9am and the satellite data shows that he was perched on Lagoon 4 at Egleton at 11am. He must have left soon afterwards because at 5pm he had just crossed the River Thames to the east of London! He was flying south east at 42kph at more than 1500 feet. An hour later he was perched in a wood 10km west of Ashford after a day’s flight of at least 200km. Although not all of the data is in yet, 09 obviously roosted in the wood because he was still there at 7am this morning.

09's roost in a Kent woodland

We’ll have more details of his flight path to Kent when the full data set comes in, but it is remarkably similar to that of AW. If he continues on the same course this morning, then he will have crossed the English Channel at Dungeness – exactly where AW crossed the sea. The weather in Kent this morning is overcast, and as I write 09 is probably already flying south through France. We’ll update you as soon as the next batch of data arrives and we’ll also put the data on Google Earth once it is all in.

09's flight to Kent

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  1. jperkins

    good luck

  2. jperkins

    good luck 09