09 reaches central Mauritania

09’s latest batch of data is just starting to come through and a non-GPS position showed that he was in central Mauritania at 6:50am this morning. This means that by this evening he should have completed his crossing of the Sahara and reached Senegal.

The previous data had shown that 09 was 48km south west of Agadir and heading out into the desert at 9am on Monday morning (12th September). By 1pm he was another 125km further on, heading south-west at 68kph. This course took him over the speactaular ridge the runs across the northern edge of the Sahara, just before 3pm. The photos below show the ridge photographed from the plane as myself and the team from Rutland Water flew to West Africa last winter.

At 5pm 09 was circling more than 3000 feet above the desert, perhaps looking for somewhere to spend the night. He had covered 290km.

The next GPS data shows that at 11am next morning (Tuesday 13th) he was another 147km further south west, circling over the desert, presumably using thermals to gain height. By 3pm he had covered another 157km, following a remarkably similar route to AW. In fact 09 actually crossed the path taken by AW between 1pm and 3pm that afternoon. 

09 and AW flying over the Sahara


We are still waiting for the remainder of the GPS data to come through and I’ll update the page once it does. In the meantime a single non GPS (but accurate) position showed that by this morning he had covered another 660km south-west across the desert, still following a similar course to AW. He had now covered at least 1250km since Monday morning.

09's latest position in the Sahara

2 responses to “09 reaches central Mauritania”

  1. Cirrus

    What a joy to receive such good news. Sahara out of the way !! (isn’t it?) 09 almost home for the winter. Wonder if 09 will spend the winter in the same place as AW.
    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your updates. Thanks so much

  2. Roger Whitwell

    The satellite tracking has been absolutely fantastic, thanks for letting us share it with you. These wonderful birds have given us so much pleasure on our regular visits during the spring and summer ans we look forward to tracking their return journey and to seeing them next spring.