09 spends an evening with French aristocracy…

After covering 103 miles on Saturday and roosting close to a river, 09 decided to go a bit more upmarket last night and spent the evening in the grounds of a château! He left his roost site at 8 am yesterday morning and he obviously wasn’t in a rush as he had only covered 3 miles by 9 am. He then picked up speed and managed to get a few more miles under his belt, always flying below 500 feet. By 12 noon he felt a sense of urgency and had picked up speed to 46 mph, however, this was short-lived and by 1pm he was travelling at a rather more relaxed 27 mph. He followed this leisurely pattern and had only covered 102 miles by the time he reached his roost site. He decided to spend the night next to the ponds of Le Chateau de La Seilleray in the region of Pays de la Loire. What a site!

09's Roost sites

Le Château de La Seilleray


09 had an early start this morning and by 6 am he was nearly seven miles north of the château. There was no sense of urgency today though, by 1 pm he had only flown 34 miles. This slow progress so close to home shows how exhausted 09 must be after flying nearly 2700 miles! If only he knew where 5N has been spending most of her time. His last point showed that he was five miles South of Brittany and only 60 miles away from the English Channel. Only 340 miles to go!

Sixty miles from the English Channel