09’s family portrait

If you’ve been on one of our Osprey cruises this year, there’s a good chance you’ll have seen 09(98). 09’s satellite transmitter continues to provide a fascinating insight into his fishing habits and it shows that he is currently fishing in the reservoir (as well as several other smaller lakes and ponds) at least twice a day.

Like the juveniles at our other nests, 09’s two youngsters, 0F and 0J, are now flying well and are spending prolonged periods away from the Site N nest (09’s nest on private land). Having said that, they are quick to return whenever they’re hungry and yesterday all four of the family were perched on one of the T perches close to the nest. It certainly made for a great family portait.

09(98) and his family at the Site N nest

If you’re coming to the Birdfair on Saturday 18th and fancy seeing 09 in action, why not come on our early morning Osprey Cruise? There’s a great chance of seeing him or one of the other birds fishing and we’ll be joined on the boat by the One Show’s wildlife expert, Mike Dilger. The cruise sets sail from Whitwell Harbour at 6:30am and there are still tickets available, so if you would like to come along, please phone the Birdfair Office on 01572 771079 or you can book online, by clicking here. It should be a great morning!