1J’s first day on the wing

I always think that fledging time is the best part of any Osprey summer. Yesterday John spent over eight hours in Manton Bay, watching 1J fly for the first time and then grow in confidence on the wing. Here are a selection of some of the superb photos he took during the day…

1J ‘helicoptering’ above the nest. The youngsters helicopter for several days prior to making their maiden flight.

1J takes to the air for the first time – just after 7am yesterday morning

1J’s mother shadowed him during his first flight. This is typical behaviour for breeding females who are anxious to ensure their youngsters don’t get into difficulty during their maiden flight.

The youngsters always find landing the most difficult aspect of their first flight, but 1J landed expertly on a fallen poplar close to the nest.

1J lands safely

From his perch 1J had a good view of the nest

The adults kept a careful watch on their newly-fledged son

Perhaps inspired by the exploits of her brother, 3J began helicoptering

…but then landed on Mum!

Over the course of the day 1J made over 20 flights; here he’s passing the nest.

Adult Ospreys are always more territorial when their offspring are close to flying. Here the female is dive-bombing a pair of Egyptian Geese.

Over the past week the female has been bringing in clumps of weed to line the nest. This gives the juveniles a firm footing from which to take off from.

1J made several flights to and from the ‘French perch’ above the nest. It certainly gave him a new view of the world! Notice the camera below him too.

1J comes in to land between his parents.

The adult birds always appear slightly wary of their newly-fledged offspring!

1J back on his poplar perch.

The water level in Manton Bay has dropped considerably since John took this photo in April…

There is now a great deal of exposed mud which should provide superb foraging for passing waders this autumn.

5 responses to “1J’s first day on the wing”

  1. Luann

    These pictures are fantastic !!!!!!
    Thank you for posting them!

  2. Barry Evans

    Excellent shots – again – John – well done

  3. Rosie Shields

    The conscientious monitoring of the newly fledged chick by the parents is wonderful to see. What a great pair they are. Looks like 3J will be next.

  4. Ela

    Thank you very much for those wonderful photos. Very informative in so many ways. Just great.

  5. Andy, London UK

    Another fledgling this morning, whoo-hoo! Fabulous photos, can’t wait to see more.