1st May

Although there is still a slight nip in the air, the sunshine has been glorious today! We have had plenty of visitors going down to the hide to see the lovely Manton Bay ospreys. We have also had sightings of whitethroat, reed warblers, barn owl and water rail. All recorded from our waderscrape hide.

The ospreys look  like they are enjoying the sunshine, both have spent most of the day sat side by side on the nest; as always 33 has been doing most of the incubation.

Last night 33 was settling in for the night, until Maya had to nudge him off the eggs and remind him that he had not caught any dinner yet.

Her actions worked and a short while later 33 brought in a big roach, which Maya only just manged to get a hold of, once she got a good grip she lifted it off the nest to enjoy it on the perch.

It’s only a few days until we expect the eggs to hatch and even Maya is starting to look a little restless, let’s hope this beautiful weather stays put so the chick can have a warm welcome to the world.