1st September – Approaching Africa

AW was still at his overnight roost at 8am but must have resumed his migration soon afterwards because an hour later he was 13km south, heading SW at 28kph. He continued flying south west for a further two hours at an average speed of 17kph. At 11am he turned more SSE in order to avoid the Sierra Morena Mountains which he could probably see on the horizon.

 AW continued on this southerly course as he headed into Andalucía, maintaining an average speed of 25kph for much of the afternoon. At 5pm he was 25km NW of Malaga still flying strongly south at 20kph, but he didn’t go much further; at 6pm he was perched beside a river 16km to the south and he remained there for the rest of the evening. He was now just 125km from the Moroccan coast, having flown 250km during the course of the day. It will be really interesting to see whether he heads south west to Gibraltar and makes the short 14km flight across the Straits, or a more direct, but longer, flight across the sea to North Africa. The forecast for southern Spain today is light SW winds and sunny spells so there is every chance that he will be in Africa by this evening.  

AW's flight on 1st September