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AW settled in the Ivory Coast

As we expected, the latest satellite data shows that AW has remained on a short section of the River Lobo in central-western Ivory Coast.

Over the past week he has ranged along a six mile stretch of the river and used three different roost sites, each a few miles apart. He is fishing in the river once or twice each day. Although the satellite imagery is poor, it is really interesting that the area he has now settled in is completely different to the spot on the Guinea coast where he spent over three months. He is now on the edge of a vast area of tropical forest known as the Western Guinean lowland forest which extends west into Liberia and south-eastern Guinea. From the satellite imagery it looks as if AW is in a slightly more open area more typical of the habitat that lies to the east. According to Wikipedia, the Guineana forest-savanna mosaic belt extends across the middle of the Ivory Coast and is the transition zone between the coastal forests and the interior savannas. One thing is for sure, it is very different from Rutland Water!

AW's roost sites beside the River Lobo

AW's roost sites beside the River Lobo