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Text inside reads: However you spend your days this Christmas and New Year, may they be peaceful and happy

Osprey Christmas Cards

If you’re looking for a Christmas card with a difference this year, then look no further!

Thanks to kind sponsorship from Altmore Business Law we’re selling two designs, with all proceeds going to our wildlife education work in West Africa. The cards are on sale at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre, for the bargain price of just £2.50 for a pack of 5. Alternatively please call 01572 770651 and we’ll arrange to post them to you.

Huge thanks to Catherine Drury for her help with the cards.

Text inside reads: However you spend your days this Christmas and New Year, may they be peaceful and happy

Text inside reads: Wherever you spend your Christmas and New Year, may they be peaceful and happy

An Osprey Cruise on a sunny summer evening in 2012

Come cruising with us!

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to watch an Osprey catch a fish then you’ll know that it is one of those must-see wildlife events. One of the best ways of seeing one in action at Rutland Water is to come on one of our very popular Osprey Cruises aboard the Rutland Belle.

Next summer we’ll be running 18 public cruises, on selected Wednesdays and Saturdays from late May until the end of August. Most set sail in the evening, but if you like an early start then there are four sunrise cruises to keep you happy, each departing at 6am.

Whatever the start time, the idea is the same: we’re out on the water for an hour-and-a-half and in that time visit the parts of the reservoir where we’re most likely to see the Ospreys fishing. In the past we’ve had some spectacular views of birds diving for fish close to the boat, but even when sightings prove more tricky, there is a host of the reservoir’s other wildlife and some very scenic views to enjoy.

You can enjoy some stunning views of Rutland Water from on board the Rutland Belle
You can now book online for all of our 2013 dates and we offer special cruise vouchers too – a perfect Christmas gift. For more information, or to book click here.

And to see what Simon King thinks about the cruises, check out the video below which was filmed at this year’s Birdfair.

The Rutland Water Ospreys - now available to pre-order

The Rutland Water Ospreys – now available to pre-order

As we reported on the website a couple of weeks ago, we have just finished writing a book about the project. The Rutland Water Ospreys will be published by Bloomsbury on 14th March next spring and you can now pre-order signed copies from us for just £18 – a saving of £2 on the recommended retail price. And if you pre-order direct from us, then you have the added benefit of knowing that, thanks to Anglian Water, 100{aebb832937d1885646bba593f8f1074bbe61a552c8a5f5d60514d6f049ed1f58} of the proceeds will be going back to the project. Postage is free to all UK addresses, but if you are ordering from abroad, please email us first so we can advise you of shipping charges (which vary according to location.

The book is a celebration of our work at Rutland Water, telling the full story of the project, from initial conception on a cold winter’s day at Rutland Water, to the establishment of the breeding population we have today. We cover everything, from the translocation of chicks to monitoring the first breeding pairs and tracking the birds on their epic migration to West Africa. We also explain how the project has had a lasting legacy away from Rutland; its influence on the re-colionisation of Wales, paving the way for other translocation projects in Spain, Italy and, most recently, Portugal and our recent work to link communities along the migration flyway. The book is superbly illustrated throughout by John Wright’s wonderful artwork and photographs and there are also contributions from some of the volunteers who, over the past sixteen years, have dedicated more than 100,000 hours to the project.

 So, to pre-order your copy, click here and then select ‘buy now’.