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Hard to say goodbye

Maya and 33 are still here in Manton Bay! Last year, 33 left on the same day as the last juvenile, and Maya left the day after. This year the last juvenile left five days ago! This is why we’re slightly surprised that they have stayed this long. Not that we mind, though, it’s great to still have them!

We answered the question of what triggers the juveniles’ instinct to migrate, as the three from Manton Bay this season left at the usual 14 weeks old, which happened to fall a lot earlier in the year than is typical. Based on this, it would seem to be their age and not the time of year that prompts them to leave. However, it looks like it’s different for the adults, in that the time of year plays a more important role to them, as their migrating instinct doesn’t seem to be triggered by the lack of juveniles! This could mean that Maya and 33 remain in the area for the next week, as their departure dates last year were the 2nd and 3rd September. Maya’s previous departure dates have always been in September, the latest being the 12th. It’s just that generally the juveniles have left only a day or two before.

The pair seem to be enjoying their time alone together, as you can see below in Dave Cole’s excellent video, filmed on Sunday 28th August. This beautiful video shows the two adult ospreys bringing in fish and sticks, and just hanging around together now that their chicks have gone. They should be thinking about migrating very soon, so this may be the last footage we have of them this season. Thank you Dave for this!

Thanks also to Dave Cole for these photographs of Maya and 33 on the T-perch. Maya caught this fish and she’s not keen on sharing!

Dave Cole 2

Dave Cole





28 not out

As we know, some of our ospreys have begun to leave us. Several have departed fairly early in our view, but perhaps not in theirs! T6, T7 and T8 from Manton Bay left 12, 9 and 3 days ago respectively. Last season, though, the first juvenile left on 29th August, so would still have been here! Some birds from off-site nests have left too, but there are still several ospreys around the area, including Maya and 33 in Manton Bay, who can’t seem to let go…

Maya and 33

Another osprey we know to still be around is 28(10), as the following photos by Geoff Harries prove! These shots were taken yesterday morning at the River Gwash Trout Farm. 28 raised two chicks this year, both of whom have already departed, so it won’t be long before he leaves too. Perhaps this was his last meal? Or maybe we will see him on our final osprey cruise tonight!

Early morning fishing Osprey 28(10) drags fish from water Osprey 28(10) just coming out of water Osprey 28(10) last fish

Another osprey we know is still here is satellite-tagged female, 30(05). We are keeping tabs her satellite data, and when she leaves we’ll let you know!

30(05) is one of the Ospreys we'll be following during World Osprey Week

30(05) (Photo by John Wright)




Still standing

Maya and 33 are both still with us at the time of writing! Visitors have been treated to excellent views of them flying around the bay, and of 33 catching fish. The adult birds spent today and yesterday hanging around in the bay, keeping themselves occupied. Both of them appear to have reverted back to spring, in terms of their behaviour – 33 has been bringing new sticks to the nest and rearranging materials, and Maya has stopped fishing for herself, which she began to do again after the chicks fledged, and she has started sitting on the nest calling for food!

We don’t know how long this wonderful pair will stay with us in Manton Bay, but we hope they will remain for the rest of bank holiday weekend at least! Come and see them while you still can!





Bundles of books

The new Ozzie book – “Ozzie Leads the Way” is a fabulous addition to our series of Ozzie the Osprey books for children and young readers! All three books – “Ozzie’s Migration”, the sequel “Ozzie’s Return” and the new feature-length story, “Ozzie Leads the Way”, are now on sale at several bookshops in the area. So not only can you purchase these excellent books at the Lyndon Visitor Centre and the Egleton Visitor Centre, they can also be bought from Waterstones in Peterborough, Walkers in Oakham and the Oundle Bookshop! All proceeds will go the Rutland Osprey Project.

Ozzie's Migration

Ozzie’s Migration – £5

Ozzie's Return

Ozzie’s Return – £5

Ozzie leads the way - £8

Ozzie leads the way – £8


Spinning me around

We got creative in the Lyndon Centre today! Volunteer Jeannette Holdstock and others from the Stamford Lace and Needle-craft Group were knitting in public at Lyndon. Several visitors had a chat with the ladies and some had a go at something new. It was most mostly knitting, but there was also some spinning occurring. Even Paul got into the spirit of things! Thank you to those who made us some lovely cakes! We hope to see you again soon.

DSC02269 DSC02268 DSC02267