2018 World Osprey Week (WOW)

This week is World Osprey Week (WOW), the idea of a week to celebrate ospreys across the globe was started by the project back in 2014, WOW is now in its fourth year and has allowed hundreds of school children from across the globe to engage with ospreys and nature conservation. Not only does this aid in the protection of ospreys across their migration route, but it also allows children to reconnect with nature and become inspired.

During this week our education team will be visiting schools across the region to deliver talks and lessons about ospreys. The same will be happening across the osprey migration route in each school signed up to WOW, which can be seen on our interactive map

It is difficult to measure the impact delivering these talks has on conservation as a whole, sometimes its easy to forget how important nature education is for school children, and the impact it can have in their lives. Just this weekend we were visited by a boy who had been inspired by a talk delivered by the education team in his school and wished to enroll as an osprey ambassador. This will allow him to share his passion for ospreys and nature with his peers. I myself only began volunteering in nature conservation when I was visited in school by an outreach initiative from Rutland Water. This demonstrates how nature education can have a profound  effect and can inspire the conservationists of the future, which will then directly impact nature conservation.  

Waderscrape hide, Lyndon Reserve.