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056 much better!

Cross-referencing our volunteers in the hide and tracking the footage from the webcams, we have even more positive news about 056’s state of wellbeing! He returned to the nest this afternoon and actually took a fish off his sister 054! He then proceeded to give us a nice view of his now much whiter chest and throat, which shows no further signs of damage. He ate on the nest and flew off happily with the fish, presumable to the poplars to eat the rest of his stolen dinner!

056 on the mend

A little bit more positive news today after the slightly dramatic injury 056 looked to have sustained yesterday. He was observed feeding on a fish for well over an hour earlier and seems to be flying well too.

He also looks like he’s getting the urge to maintain the nest, and was observed to be moving sticks around the nest too. We would be more concerned if he was away for long periods of time, or looking tired and showing no interest in food. For the time being we hope the injury has gone past the worst and he is now recovering.

056 injury

Unfortunate update on the Manton bay nest this morning, as a couple of you may have seen from the webcam and have been concerned about the welfare of the male fledgling 056. It was observed on the nest with its siblings 055, 057 when a fish was brought in the early hours of the morning, and appeared to be fine. It didn’t feed on the fish at this point, but didn’t seem distressed or injured. At approximately 5.20AM 056 flies off the nest, leaving 055 and 057 feeding on a large roach on the nest.

056 returns shortly after, and shows a little more interest in the fish, but when he turns to the camera, we see a small red blotch on his throat.

As the morning progresses, 056 managed to feed on the fish but seemed to be struggling to swallow larger bits of food and having to throw back his head multiple times in order to get the food to go down. This might be a fish bone which has got stuck in the gular pouch (part of the throat) and is preventing food from passing, or he has sustained an injury another way and it is painful to swallow. However despite the initial injury, he repeatedly fed independently with a fish on the nest for a long time, and then was fed by Maya on the nest too.

We will be keeping an eye on his progress today and hope this is just a temporary injury which will not impede his feeding.

First day of flying school

An exciting day yesterday as we witnessed 057, the fourth and final chick on the manton bay nest, take to the… camera perch for the first time and spread her wings in flight. She joined her siblings near the poplar trees, and made frequent visits back to the safety of the nest. The evening took a slightly deluged turn as she and one of her siblings hunkered down to sleep in the rain..

In the early hours of the morning, all four siblings came back to convene on the nest, for a brief rest prior to the day ahead, spent learning the ropes of being an Osprey, flying maneuvers and aerial acrobatics.

We then start to see 057 returning multiple times to the nest as she attempts short flights in the area, as her siblings did before. Her landing skills have improved a lot since the helicoptering last week!

The highlight of the morning came, however, when 057 was enjoying a rest, spreading out in the nest which she had all to herself… and she was shortly joined by a fish-bearing 33, and the rest of her siblings, which ruined her nap completely!

It is so good to see all the birds returning well to the nest and watching them eat well, in the video above, 055, our oldest male, is really getting stuck into feeding himself from the catches that 33 and Maya bring in. This is all essential practice for what lies ahead: a long migration, and having to feed themselves for the first time in unfamiliar territory!
Stay tuned for fledgling fun and frolics!

057 fledges… that’s a leap of faith!

Early this morning, at approximately 07.40AM, 057, our last robust female chick on the Manton Bay nest, made her first tentative flight! Albeit to the camera perch and not much further for a while.. until about 10am when she made it to the T perch, a little further away. Reports from our keen eyed volunteer down in the hide: the rest of the offpsring are in the poplar trees just behind the nest, and have been flying well, sometimes back to the nest for a rest. All six birds have been seen in the area this morning.

Sadly we don’t have footage of 057’s fledging but what a momentous occasion for us here at Osprey HQ! After a nail-biting few months, where the fate of the fourth chick was so uncertain, we’re delighted she’s grown in to such a strong bird, and with the last bit of hesitation gone, she’s joined her siblings in the journey to becoming an independent fledgling!

Keep an eye on our social media feeds for more updates on the fledglings as they learn to fly and hone their skills!