28 not out

As we know, some of our ospreys have begun to leave us. Several have departed fairly early in our view, but perhaps not in theirs! T6, T7 and T8 from Manton Bay left 12, 9 and 3 days ago respectively. Last season, though, the first juvenile left on 29th August, so would still have been here! Some birds from off-site nests have left too, but there are still several ospreys around the area, including Maya and 33 in Manton Bay, who can’t seem to let go…

Maya and 33

Another osprey we know to still be around is 28(10), as the following photos by Geoff Harries prove! These shots were taken yesterday morning at the River Gwash Trout Farm. 28 raised two chicks this year, both of whom have already departed, so it won’t be long before he leaves too. Perhaps this was his last meal? Or maybe we will see him on our final osprey cruise tonight!

Early morning fishing Osprey 28(10) drags fish from water Osprey 28(10) just coming out of water Osprey 28(10) last fish

Another osprey we know is still here is satellite-tagged female, 30(05). We are keeping tabs her satellite data, and when she leaves we’ll let you know!

30(05) is one of the Ospreys we'll be following during World Osprey Week

30(05) (Photo by John Wright)




3 responses to “28 not out”

  1. David

    As long as the fishing is good, Maya and 33 might as well stay and enjoy the “empty nest symphony” before they split up and engage in their strenuous migrations.

  2. Jenny Still

    It’s amazing to think that nest can hold a whole family of ospreys – and Maya and 33 still seem to be nest building. Perhaps reinforcing their claim for next year? Amazing photos also of 28.They are magnificent birds and I wish them safe migration and return next March.

  3. Andy

    33 was even digging a new cup the other day, which was a bit mind-boggling. Maybe he was just setting up for next year?