A peaceful day at Manton Bay

It has been another quiet day at Manton Bay, which is exactly as this period should be – a peaceful incubation equals a healthy brood! Both birds have continued to bring nesting material to the nest, with 33 doing most of the collecting this morning whilst Maya incubated the 3 eggs.

33 has been bringing lots more hay back to the nest, making it cosy and warm.

In this video he hovers over the nest for a while, as if considering where best to place the hay, before deciding to lay it at the side of the nest – a decision we completely support as it won’t obscure our view of the eggs!

Maya also bought in a huge clump of what looked like dried cow pat earlier, which we can imagine would be an insulating, if not the best smelling, choice of nesting material. Although when your diet consists purely of fish maybe unpleasant smells aren’t too high on your list of worries!

Maya landing with cow pat

Maya with cow pat, 33 looks bemused!

There was one incident around lunch time where an intruding osprey upset 33 as he was incubating the eggs. Lynda, our volunteer in Waderscrape hide at the time, reported that the intruder flew right over the hide as they flew away from the nest, quite low but not quite low enough to be identifiable. In this video Maya flies in to join 33 in defending the nest, although after landing she soon settled down, whilst 33 continued to mantle. We expect to see intrusions quite regularly over the next few weeks from local ospreys who have not been successful in securing a mate, and so have some time on their hands to investigate other nests! Luckily Maya and 33 are an experienced pair and will hopefully have no trouble sending intruders on their way.

Here’s a lovely video of 33 flying in from the direction of the tree line on the left of the nest.

Finally, Lynda and Lyn, our volunteers at Waderscrape this morning, didn’t just have Maya and 33 to keep them entertained – they also saw a water vole right in front of the hide! We are getting increasing reports of water voles from Waderscrape hide, they are just one of many interesting species the ospreys share the bay with and we are thrilled to see more of them. Here is a water vole captured from Waderscrape hide by visitor Paul Pateman on a recent trip to Lyndon.

water vole

Water vole captured by Paul Pateman