Domestic Bliss

It’s been a great day at the Lyndon centre, where we are all still basking in the lovely news that we have a fourth egg! We’ve had lots of visitors to the centre and Maya and 33 have been keeping everyone entertained.

33 last bought a huge fish to the nest just after 8pm last night, which has kept our pair going throughout the day today.

We have had plenty more additions to the nest in the past 24 hours, mostly cow pat based, with Maya on 2 occasions placing cow pats directly onto 33’s back! He didn’t seem to be too flustered by it but we do wonder what Maya was trying to tell him.

Not impressed 33?

Not impressed, 33?

It’s been great to see our pair incubating their 4 eggs today, and it has mostly gone peacefully, with only a brief few seconds where an intruder looked to be in the area, with 33 flying from the perch to help Maya defend the nest – look at how the camera wobbles from him taking off!

Maya and 33 defending the nest

Maya and 33 defending the nest

Maya has done most of the incubating today, although as always 33 has been keen to get in on the action (or inaction, as it were!). At about 3.15pm he sat himself down on the nest next to Maya when it became clear she wasn’t moving from the eggs, and stayed there for over 10 minutes. After a brief trip to collect some nesting material he tried again – Maya still wasn’t budging and remained on the eggs, maybe hoping he’d go fishing instead! We got lovely views of the pair together on the nest, a picture of domestic bliss.

Mirror Image

Our beautiful pair



On a couple of occasions today 33 has nearly stepped on the eggs, maybe still getting used to the increased clutch size! Of course his talons have been gently tucked away to protect the eggs, and it is lovely to see how careful both 33 and Maya are as they walk around the nest.

Away from Manton Bay, we have news that 2R(13), a.k.a ‘Clarach’, a bird who fledged from Cors Dyfi in Wales, has been spotted in the area. She is the daughter of Monty and Rutland fledged female Glesni (12(10)), whose parents were translocated Rutland male 08(97) and female 5N(04)! It is great that she is visiting Rutland and it would be wonderful if she settled down here with a male – however it’s early days yet so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.