3 eggs in Manton Bay

Information Officer Paul Stammers arrived at the centre this morning to a phone call from volunteers Tom and Ann, down in Waderscrape hide, letting him know there was a third egg! Very exciting news to start the day with.

Looking back over last nights footage, we saw that at around half past midnight Maya stood up from the nest revealing 2 eggs. 33 soon landed next to her, most likely hoping to take over incubation duties, but Maya quickly settled back down on the eggs.

33 stayed on the nest with Maya for quite some time.

33 – waiting to incubate?

At 1.44am, 33 finally took off – having been with Maya on the nest for over an hour. Two minutes later, Maya rose again, and below her were 3 eggs!

First glimpse at 1.46am

33 did get his chance at incubating later in the morning though – here he is at 5.05am.

33 with 3 eggs

We are very pleased to have 3 eggs in Manton Bay. It will be interesting to see if we get a fourth again, like last season – keep your eyes on the nest over the next few days!

3 responses to “3 eggs in Manton Bay”

  1. suzie

    Thank for post Holly. Has 30 been spotted yet ?

  2. suzie

    Oh my days!
    That’s marvellous news …. she certainly took her time this spring!