30 (05) Migration and Maya in Manton Bay

We’ve had so much excitement at the Lyndon Visitor Centre today, with Maya back on the nest and also an update on 30(05)’s migration. 

The data from the GPS tracker, attached to 30’s back, shows that she has started to move away from her wintering site. She had been relaxing on the beach in Senegal for the past few months. However, on the 10th March at 13:00 she left the beach and headed slightly inland and North, towards Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. We are hoping to get another update in the next few days, as she could be as far as Southern Europe by now, we are all looking forward to seeing her back in Rutland soon! 

We are currently working on setting up the website to show her current migration,  but until that’s ready you can still check out her migration maps from previous years. 


Maya in Manton Bay  

Having already finished her migration Maya has been getting down to some spring cleaning. The sun rise was beautiful this morning, and was a great backdrop to our first views of Maya on the nest. 



Since then Maya has been very busy moving sticks, bringing in grass and getting the nest ready for the new breeding season. This is great behaviour to see, now all we is 33(11) to return and everything will be set for the season. 


Then at about 14:30 Maya went fishing right in front of the Lyndon Visitor Centre, giving everyone amazing views of this spectacular sight. It was incredible to see her fold in her wings and plummet down towards the water. Then, flying out again with a trout and back to the nest to enjoy it! 

To add to the excitement the education team have been busy visiting schools to spread the osprey word, you can read about it here.

2 responses to “30 (05) Migration and Maya in Manton Bay”

  1. suzie

    Thank you Anya for such beautiful videos … living in France it’s not possible to visit the centre in person … so it’s simply great to read your updates!

  2. suzie

    Either 33 is home or Maya was behaving very badly in front of the webcam this morning!