30 days wild!

We’re surrounded by schedules, plans, agendas and programmes that aim to enable us to achieve our goals, whatever they may be: getting in shape in 30 days, giving up smoking, learning a new language, or getting a project completed at work. A month is normally an easy time frame to stay on track, focus and make a noticeable difference by the end, if we can stick to the plan every day. But with these aforementioned goals, the theme is ourselves, things we can immediately see changing like our body, our workload, or our fitness. How about the changes we cannot see? Are they perhaps more powerful? Reducing your carbon footprint for a month, campaigning to local government about the environment, buying local produce, simply being outside for an hour a day? These are all slightly more esoteric changes symptomatic of taking a pledge for nature, for 30 days, in our #30dayswild challenge. This is a campaign made to inspire a wide variety of us to get outside, experience and reconnect with nature, making small or big changes to our everyday lives to give nature and the environment a helping hand. It can be something as simple as listening to birdsong on your commute to work, seeing if you can identify them, stopping to smell a flower or take a picture of a squirrel! It can reach as far as cutting out single use plastics for a month or writing to your local government to support local wildlife charities. There are so many ways you can get wild for a month, and really make a difference reducing your carbon footprint, preserving nature and supporting conservation work. Follow us on social media for inspiring ideas about how to help the environment this month! We will be posting something every day to keep you inspired!

by Anya Wicikowski

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