30 flies through France

Next week is World Osprey Week and it looks like we could be celebrating it with the arrival of 30(05) at her nest close to Rutland Water. The latest satellite data shows that last night she roosted in central France, having flown 600km over the past two days. After roosting on the banks of the Rio Ucero in the Catille and Leon region of northern Spain on Wednesday evening, 30 probably caught a fish in the river soon after first light next morning. At  8am she was perched in a wooded area 14km further north, almost certainly eating breakfast. She began migrating just before 9am and maintained steady progress for the rest of the morning. By 1am she had flown 141 north-east and was passing through the eastern part of the Basque Country, not far from our friends at Montorre and Urretxindorra Schools who are participating in World Osprey Week. We do not have all of the satellite data for her afternoon’s flight, but she must have passed to the east of San Sebastian before crossing into France at around 4pm. She then continued on the same north-easterly heading past Bayonne before settling to roost in a wooded area to the north-west of Dax after a day’s flight of 304km. Next morning at 6am she was perched beside Etang d’Abesse, a small lake situated 1.5km from her roost site, presumably eating a fish.

30 was perched beside Etang d'Abesse at 6am yesterday morning, presumably eating her breakfast

30 was perched beside Etang d’Abesse at 6am yesterday morning, presumably eating her breakfast

30 didn’t hang around for long because by 10am she had already flown 74km and was heading purposefully north. She made a slight diversion to the north-east to avoid flying directly over Bordeaux and then continued onwards into the Poitou-Charentes region. By 5pm she had covered over 300km during the course of the day and was evidently looking for somewhere to roost. An hour later she was perched just over 1km to the north and she then settled for the night in a woodland clearing, 35km west of Poitiers.

30's roost site yesterday evening was in a woodland clearing

30’s roost site yesterday evening was in a woodland clearing

30 is now just under 700km south of Rutland Water. She’s flown 622km in the past two days, and so if she maintains that kind of speed, she may well arrive back at her nest either late tomorrow or Monday morning. It is going to be an exciting few days! 30's flight on 20 and 21 March

We’ll have an update on the progress of the rest of the WOW Ospreys tomorrow, but in the meantime check out the Powerpoint that Lea Koskinen from Pornainen Comprehensive in Finland has put together with some amazing photos of fishing Ospreys. To see the Powerpoint, follow this link to the Pornainen Comprehensive WOW pages, then scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the Powerpoint under ‘files to download’.

You can see the latest locations of all our WOW Ospreys on the interactive map. 

To find out how to sign your school up to WOW, click here. 

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  1. viv blake

    It looks as though she’ll fly right over my garden today, in the Cotentin peninsula. I shall get a crick in my neck!