30(05) Migration Update

30(05) is continuing her migration up the coast of West Africa, and had almost reached the border of Mauritania when she settled to roost on 14th March.

30(05)'s roost 14th March

She has flown 331 miles since we last caught up with her on the evening of March 11th, continuing to stick to the coast as she travels north. From the map we can see that 30(05) has visited Banc d’Arguin National Park on her way – a great spot for her to catch a bite to eat to fuel her journey, and on the map we can see that she traveled to the water at two different spots about 100 miles apart.

Visits to the coast at Banc d'Arguin

Visits to the coast at Banc d’Arguin

Her route so far is similar to the route the plane takes when then Osprey team travel back from Africa each January – Field Officer John Wright captured these images from the sky this winter as the plane flew over Banc d’Arguin, showing one of the spots where 30(05) stopped to fish on her journey!


30(05)'s fishing spot

30(05)’s fishing spot

johns pic

The section of coastline shown in John's images

The section of coastline shown in John’s images

It’s also clear to see how the landscape changes from her greener wintering grounds in Senegal. Today at Banc d’Arguin the temperature has reached 35°C. Meanwhile at Rutland the weather hasn’t been quite as warm, though we can’t complain – spring is in the air and we’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunsets lately (although the local wildlife seems oblivious!).

Sunset at Manton Bay

Cormorant snoozing at Manton Bay







14 responses to “30(05) Migration Update”

  1. Chris Lyle

    I’ve just come across this website and will continue to monitor with great interest. what a fantastic site with great information regards Chris.

  2. Jana

    Thank you so much .makes it all magical when we travel with them .

  3. Ruth Barnes

    God speed 30, may the wind be at your back.
    Great news your 1st Osprey is back today

  4. Suzie

    Ummm who is sitting on the nest at sunset? Is it an early arrival … Maya or 33 maybe? Or a photo from last season?

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Suzie, it’s a snoozing cormorant! We’ll let you know when there’s an osprey back on the nest 🙂

      1. Suzie

        DUH! Well that’s embarrassing … and at a second glance the bird is definitely not an Osprey!

        1. Holly Hucknall

          Haha, the cormorant wasn’t making ID easy by tucking its head away!

    2. Fiona Gomez

      Actually if you stretched and fish-eye lens curved a photo of an osprey preening would look alot like this cormorant.

  5. Rowan´s Class

    We think 30 is looking forward to catching Rutland fish to eat!

  6. Rowan´s Class

    She must see a lot of interesting places on her beautiful journey.

  7. Rowan´s Class

    She must be very tired because she travels so far.

  8. Rowan´s Class

    She must be able to see different nationalities and cultures. The landscapes that she can see are amazing.

  9. Rowan´s Class

    If we were 30, we would be able to fly very fast and travel all over the world

  10. Rowan´s Class

    The journey is very difficult because she needs food to be strong.