Eye spy

The recent heatwave has meant our ospreys have been having a relatively quiet time during the day, with most of the action happening in the early morning and the evening. The water has been so still, almost like a mirror, and the glare of the sun on the water has made fishing more challenging for 33. Nevertheless he has managed to keep our chicks well fed – once the midday heat subsides he is out and about fishing for his family.

A beautiful sunrise reflected in the water

A beautiful sunrise reflected in the water

Here are the fish from the evening on the 18th June

And here are the fish from yesterday morning

Our chicks are continuing to develop quickly – flapping, stretching, and pecking is all in a days work! In this video you can see one of our chicks swaying their head from side to side, focusing their developing eyesight on something outside of the nest – this skill of focusing will come in handy when they are fishing for themselves!

On the evening of the 18th a stick fell from the nest. Maya didn’t seem to pay much attention to it at the time, but 15 minutes later when she noticed it floating out of the bay she swooped to pick it up and return it to the nest!

Once again we’ve had some rogue male ospreys visiting the Bay and causing trouble. Even the usually calm Maya got a little riled by this visitor yesterday morning, who, according to reports from the hide, brazenly washed his feet right underneath the nest!

The weather has cooled down a little today so hopefully our chicks will be more comfortable and Maya will get a break from shading them from the sun. It won’t be long now before our chicks get their leg rings (and consequently, their names!) – hopefully we will be able to confirm if they are male or female too. An exciting week ahead!