30’s back in the UK!

We have some great news to share with you this morning – 30(05) is back in the country!

30(05) was 50 miles away at 10am today

We first checked on her this morning as soon as we arrived at the Lyndon Centre, and we were disappointed to see no new data had been sent through since the 31st March. Information Officer Paul Stammers had a hunch we should check again later in the afternoon though, and his hunch was a good one – we’d received more data and 30 had made her journey over the Channel! We could see that she’d made it to Bedford at 10am this morning, a mere 50 miles from Rutland water. We expect she will arrive back at her nest later this afternoon – she might even be there now.

30(05)’s latest movements – has she flown over you today?

30 spent last night just south of London, not far from Biggin Hill airfield. She then flew briefly south, and at 7am we have her at a pond on the edge of the village of Felbridge, near East Grinstead, perhaps seeking out some breakfast. She then made an about turn and resumed her journey north!

30 headed south from her roosting site…

…to a pond on the edge of Felbridge!

30 spent the previous day sticking in one area, just north of Tours in France. She arrived mid-afternoon on the 30th March and spent the whole of the 31st in the same area. It looks the perfect spot for some R+R, with a few trees for perching and 3 large ponds for fishing. We are pleased she spent some time resting before her long flight back to the UK yesterday – she managed 271 miles in total!

Meanwhile in Manton Bay, it has been a pretty soggy day for our osprey pair!

It was a blurry start to the day on the webcam

Sandra, volunteering in Waderscrape Hide this morning, let us know that 33 brought a fish to the nest just before 7.30am, and soon after an intruded appeared in the bay. Unfortunately the intruder didn’t come close enough for us to capture them on the webcam. After a busy morning, the rest of the day has been quite relaxed, with the pair sharing incubation duties, as well as the fish 33 caught this morning.

We haven’t had another egg so far today, we are hoping another will perhaps be laid tomorrow.

33 doing what he does best