30’s final furlong

More brilliant news arrived this morning – 30(05) is home! As you may know, recently we’ve had a few problems with the satellite-tracking website from which we obtain data on 30. Luckily, for the sake of our sanity, the new data came through this morning to tell us she is now home!

30 arrived back on the evening of Saturday 26th March, 16 days after leaving Senegal earlier this month. The last data point that we had for her was March 24th, at a roost site near the River Bresle. 30 sensibly stayed there for an extra day, presumably to avoid flying through bad weather. She left that spot at 08:00 on 26th March, and crossed the English Channel that morning.

During that day 30 continued on, and arrived back in Rutland at 18:00, having travelled 230 miles (370km) on her last day of migration.

30's final day of migration

30’s final day of migration


Here is a breakdown of 30’s 2016 spring migration. She travelled a total of 3,089 miles (4,971km). As you can see, she slowed down a bit towards the end, and did not travel so far each day. This was due to bad weather over the continent, and 30 did the sensible thing by taking it slowly, and staying put for a day on 25th March.

Date Distance (miles) Distance (km)
10th March 167 270
11th March 131 211
12th March 143 230
13th March 217 349
14th March 260 419
15th March 285 459
16th March 251 405
17th March 350 563
18th March 334 537
19th March 172 278
20th March 257 413
21st March 95 153
22nd March 106 171
23rd March 41 66
24th March 50 81
25th March
26th March 230 370
Total 3089 4975
30's entire spring 2016 migration

30’s entire spring 2016 migration


Click here to see 30’s journey on our special map.

Alternatively, click here to follow 30 using Google Earth.



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  1. Ruth Barnes

    Glad she is safely home, lets hope she has a successful breeding season