30th August – AW continues south through Spain

After four days in which he covered about 1600km, AW slowed slightly on Wednesday as he made a more leisurely progress south from Madrid. At 6am he was perched in fields a few kilometres from his overnight roost close to the Rio Torote and by 8am he had moved slightly further along the valley – perhaps having caught an early morning fish. The rest of the morning’s data isn’t in yet, but by midday he was 40km south of the city, flying SW at 36kph at an altitude of 146 metres. He continued in a similar vein during the afternoon, passing to the east of Toledo and continuing SSW.

By 6pm AW was another one hundred or so kilometres further south and appeared to be fishing a small lake to the west of Ciud Real. He probably caught a fish because an hour later he was perched a few hundred metres to the west. By 8pm he had moved again, this time to a belt of trees another 2km SW, where he almost certainly would have roosted.

AW is now 350 kilometres north of Gibraltar. It is not inconceivable that he could reach Morocco by this evening, but it seems much more likely that he will cross the Mediterranean tomorrow. Thundery showers are forecast for Andalucia today and so that may slow his progress south.