A very busy weekend!

It was another great cruise last night, with many sightings of (we think) 3 individual ospreys – including one catching a fish right at the end of the cruise! At one point we had views of 2 birds at the same time, near the Anglian Bird Watching Centre – one carrying a fish and the other circling nearby. It was great, and the rain held off until we were all getting in our cars to drive home – another great cruise! We now have just 2 cruises left with availability this season, one on the 9th of August and one on the 26th of August – to book your place click here.
Whilst watching the birds on the cruise, we suspected that one of them might be 33 trying to catch a fish for his family, as we hadn’t seen him return with a fish all day. However on reviewing the video footage this morning, it was clear to see this wasn’t the case – after his few brief departures from the nest during yesterdays cruise, he always returned with sticks!

33 doing a Pinocchio impression

33 doing a Pinocchio impression

33 brought stick after stick back to the nest yesterday, much to the disappointment of 2AM who seemed ready for some fish. At one point he even brought 4 reedy-looking sticks back to the nest in one go!
4 sticks

2AM unhappy with yet another stick delivery

2AM unhappy with yet another stick delivery

At one point 2AM even grabbed 33’s leg, as if he’d brought a fish to the nest.

Maya too retrieved a couple of sticks from the water yesterday and brought them to the nest – at least one of these sticks had been knocked from the nest by 33!

33 didn’t end up bringing a single fish to the nest all day yesterday as far as we know – maybe he dropped one after eating the head, which has happened before! Yesterday morning there was still some trout left on the nest from the night before, so we know our birds didn’t go entirely without food for the day. 33 had brought in the huge fish at 18.24 on the evening of July 28th, which 2AN immediately took.

As she was eating the fish she removed the trout’s swim bladder, which she then started to eat, despite still keeping her foot pinned to the rest of the trout. Seeing an opportunity to tuck into one of the two bits of fish, 2AM stepped forward, but rather than relinquish her grip on the trout or the swim bladder, 2AN dropped the swim bladder over the edge of the nest!

Luckily it hadn’t fallen in the water, and she was later able to retrieve it, leaving the rest of the trout free for 2AM to tuck in to.

2AM spent around 1 hour 45 minutes eating the trout – he must have been hungry! Eventually he left it at around ten to 9, and it remained on the nest until the following morning.

Today 33 didn’t bring the first fish in until early this afternoon, a small pike, and 2AM nearly took his foot off trying to get to it – he must have been hungry!

Less than an hour later 33 brought another small fish to the nest, and another amusing tussle took place when 2AM grabbed the leg of 33 that was furthest away from him, leaving 33 cross legged and flapping. 2AM then picked up a stick at the same time as the fish in his hurry to eat it – the pike from earlier clearly didn’t fill him up!

Then, at 16.50, Maya delivered a fish to the nest, again a smallish one! 2AM again was ready to tuck in.

You might notice 2AN wasn’t the first to these fish as is usual, and in fact we haven’t seen her on the webcam since the trout on Friday (28th) evening. She was last positively identified in the bay by our volunteers yesterday morning – perhaps she was fed up waiting for 33 to fish and went off to seek food elsewhere! We are hoping to see her return to the nest this evening – she is a bold bird so there is every chance she has just gone exploring, maybe she’s paid a visit to another nest.
The chicks on the 28th

The chicks on the 28th

We had a new visitor to the nest yesterday morning, after some scraps of leftover fish – not another osprey this time, but a crow!

None of the ospreys seemed worried as the crow spent a good couple of minutes on the nest before flying off (without being chased).
Finally to end today’s blog, here is a clip of 2AM trying to take off on Friday morning, accidentally taking a lump of turf with him and quickly deciding against flying with the turf in tow!