32 takes to the air!

I arrived at the Lyndon Visitor Centre this morning and switched on the camera to find two pieces of good news. The camera was working, but more importantly, there was only one chick in the nest! I raced down to Shallow Water hide and sure enough, there was 32(11) sitting on the T perch next to his mother; he must have fledged early this morning. With 52(11) on the French perch above the nest, it left 22(11) on his own in the nest. As heavy rain began to fall 22 was flapping furiously – I don’t think it will be long before he joins his brother on the wing. We’ll keep you updated, and fingers crossed you’ll be able to watch it all on the webcam. Best of all though, why not come and witness the drama unfolding for real at the Lyndon Reserve.