Heatwaves and Hatching!

What an incredible weekend it’s been! Very hard to believe that only around eight weeks ago the reserve was blanketed with snow. However, with the rain the sunshine of the last few weeks the reserve has really sprang into action. There’s is a real buzz about the place and its not just all the bumble bees, honey bees and hoverflies, it’s because we now have our first osprey chicks of the year!

First crack in the egg.

This bank holiday weekend was the busiest weekend of the year at Lyndon so far; when we came in today we were almost completely devoid of ice cream! The culprit was of course the record temperature, which was pushing the high twenties for most of the long weekend. However, at Lyndon this was not the only record broken over the weekend, we had the earliest ever osprey chick hatch in the U.K. This was to be expected as 37 days ago Maya laid the earliest ever egg. Also if you’re a super osprey expert you would know that 37 days is Maya’s average incubating period over the last few years.

Their first chick made its first appearance at 02:37 on Saturday 5th; you can just start to see the little hole in the egg made by the osprey chicks little egg tooth. The chick will keep tapping away with its egg tooth until the egg is cracked enough for it to work its way out the egg. For this little chick it took them until 16:34 to finally make it out the egg.


33 who, in my eyes already had the badge of dad of the year from the amount of egg incubating he wanted to do, has managed to cement  this title by bringing fish as often as possible. Once 33 has his fill of fish he takes it to Maya and the chick, Maya will then tear tiny pieces of fish off for the little chick. It’s a beautiful moment to watch and of course it’s life giving to the little osprey chick who with luck will use this high protein meal to become a fully fledge osprey.

If that’s not enough we were rewarded with our second chick on Sunday 4th , at about 03:59 we could see a little hole in the egg then at 11:39 we got amazing views of the little osprey cracking through the egg.

It’s not long before Maya and 33 are feeding the two chicks.

This morning when we arrived at the centre we were greeted with yet another hole in the third and final egg. The first chick has already grown so much since it first hatched, it will be interesting to compare the sizes when the new arrival makes it out the egg.

These are the first chicks of 2018 and the earliest we have ever had; let’s hope the weather stays warm and dry so we can have three healthy ospreys fledge from Manton Bay. 

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One response to “Heatwaves and Hatching!”

  1. BillHunt53

    On beautiful weekend and 3 beautiful little ospreys. So now we need to keep watching regularly to enjoy these tiny chicks before they suddenly bcome adults. Every year they seem to grow faster and faster. What a joy to watch!