New Behaviour and New Ospreys

After the sad news at the beginning of the week it’s been so lovely to watch the remaining chicks grow and develop. They are almost two weeks old and have changed so much! The chicks have lost their downy feathers and are starting to develop some mature ones. The chicks starting to look more like ospreys every day. 

The chicks behaviour has also changed dramatically, they are starting to move around the nest more and are showing little traits which may develop into personalities. Just yesterday the chicks looked as though they were having a little play fight.   


Maya and 33 are still working hard to feed the duo, ensuring that both get their equal share of the fish. Surprisingly, 33 even manged to feed one of the chicks without Maya chasing him off!  

Earlier in the day Maya had fed both chicks from one of 33’s deliveries, but there was only a little bit left and Maya was more occupied with tidying up the nests. 33 then flew down to finish off the fish, but before he could, one of the chicks made a b-line for him. As any good dad would 33 shares his snack with the chick.  It’s a lovely moment to watch and unusually Maya doesn’t seem to mind at all.


Later in the day 33 brought in another fish, both Maya and 33 then resumed their normal roles, so I don’t think 33 feeding is going to be the new trend.  


Even more exciting news, another young bird has returned, this time it is 2AF who made an appearance at the Dyfi nest, in Wales. 2AF fledged from Rutland in 2016, she was ringed on the 5th July by our very own information officer Paul Stammers. You can see the video of her returning, made by the team at the Dyfi Osprey Project.